Faculty Council 2022-23


Co-Chair: Dr. Sherry Voytik Harbin
Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Basic Medical Sciences (Purdue)
Co-Chair: Dr. Matthew Tews
Associate Dean and Regional Campus Director of Indiana University School of Medicine - West Lafayette in Medical Education (IU)



Lynda F. Bonewald
Director, Indiana Center for Musculoskeletal Health (IU)
David Cappelleri
Professor of Mechanical Engineering (Purdue)
Rohan Dharmakumar
Executive Director of the Krannert Cardiovascular Research Center (IU)
Tatiana Foroud
Executive Associate Dean for Research Affairs; Professor of the Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics (IU)
Craig Goergen
Leslie A. Geddes Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering (Purdue)
Joaquín Goñi Cortes
Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering, (Purdue)
Mark R. Kelley
Betty and Earl Herr Professor of Pediatric Oncology Research (IU)
Julie Liu
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering (Purdue)
Larry W. Markham, MD
Phillip Murray Professor of Pediatric Cardiology
Sheryas Sen
Elmore Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Purdue)
Luis Solorio
Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering (Purdue)
Jonathan Ting, MD
Chair, Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery (IU)
David M. Umulis
Senior Vice Provost for Purdue in Indianapolis; Acting Dane A. Miller Head of Biomedical Engineering (Purdue)
Pavlos Vlachos
St. Vincent Health Professor of Healthcare Engineering; Director of the Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering (Purdue)
Joseph Wallace
Chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering (IUPUI)